The BirdDog BikeWorx Story

My name is Nathan Miller, and I am the owner and head mechanic of BirdDog BikeWorx. As a kid, a bicycle was more than just a toy; to me, it was freedom. It gave me the opportunity to explore and the chance to test my limits—and thus, my love for bicycles began. We rode through ditches, hit jumps, found trails, bombed hills, packed it with bags for the night at a friend’s or with snacks from the store. It was our freedom. As an adult, I began mountain biking in Austin, TX, and my passion was revitalized with that same since of freedom and excitement. Now, just a little wiser, I have found that no matter the terrain, a properly tuned bike is not only safer for you to ride, but it is just more fun. I have always enjoyed the mechanics of a bicycle and ensuring its proper function. I found that I enjoyed learning to work on my bike and others but, surprisingly enough, I found that many people don’t share that same level of enjoyment I get while diagnosing and fixing a bike or just making it run that much better. This brought me to another problem: TIME. Life got busy and I didn’t have a lot of time outside my schedule to get to my bike to a shop to have it worked on, and I assume most of you don’t either. Because of this need, BirdDog BikeWorx was born.

As a certified bicycle mechanic, I am bringing the bicycle shop to you. Work or home, schedule an appointment and we will come to you. Let us get you riding on your time.